Characteristics That Make A Beautiful Woman Instead Of Sexy

It is a quality that is not always put into value, but that can become much more attractive to a man. Every so often, lists appear with the sexiest and most beautiful women in the world. However, we do not always talk about beautiful women, a very different character that has nothing to do with eroticism but that can be much more attractive for a man.

Her Passion Defines Her More Than Her Appearance

They say that there is nothing better than a passionate woman; a girl who is moved by the things she likes, that lives for herself and that does things that come from the heart. She is a girl worth knowing.

Do Not Feel The Need To Use Makeup All The Time

There is nothing wrong with women wearing makeup. However, a girl who does not feel the need to do it and still feels beautiful shows confidence in herself. You do not need to hide behind makeup to feel beautiful.



It Is A Mystery

What is more interesting than a woman who has trouble deciphering? Nothing! A beautiful woman is full of surprises. We are discovering his personality as we know it.


You Can Do It Alone

Trust is the key to real beauty: a woman does not have to depend on a man to feel secure. Nor does he need the approval of other people.


That No-Know-What

You know that you have something that you cannot describe with words. That special touch, like shine in your eyes that you have not seen in someone else.

Know How To Talk

A woman who is intelligent can captivate any person with her way of thinking. There is nothing more beautiful than the words that fall in love and can turn any girl into the most charming of the universe.  What he likes about her is precisely that, despite such remarks as “A confident woman is the greatest insecurity of a man.”  And that is what makes her beautiful.

Tips To Have Healthier And More Beautiful Nails

Healthy Diet

As I always mention, everything goes from the inside out, so to have healthy and active nails, we must take a balanced diet, including many foods rich in calcium; fruits and vegetables that provide us with vitamins and consume enough water to hydrate us. This type of food will also help you improve the health of your hair and your skin since they also need many vitamins to nourish them. Do not bite your nails

Although this point is undeniable, many times when we have some stress or anxiety, we bite our nails and many people even eat them, but this only weakens our nails and make them look neglected, so it is better that you start today to stop biting your nails, if what you want is to have them healthy and beautiful. If in these moments of anxiety and stress you usually taste them, try to eat chewing gum, use an anti-stress ball or carry out some activity that makes you think of something else and stay away from your nails


Make A Manicure Usually

I know many women who have stopped eating their nails and have managed to have them more healthy and beautiful, performing a complete manicure once a week. This in addition to keeping your nails neat, also makes that when you oversee them avoid eating them orbiting them and motivating them always to carry them that way. In our article how to do your manicure at home, we show you step by step how to fix your nails yourself. It is also essential that you always remove the dirt under your fingernails and wash your hands regularly, to keep your hands clean and free of impurities.

 It Uses Specialized Products For The Nails.

In the market, we find many products such as creams, enamels, oils, etc., which help us not only to harden the nails but also to take care of our hands. If you do not like to wear your nails with colored enamels, it is recommended that you use a transparent base to harden your nails and take care of them. If the plates sold in the market have not worked for you, I will show you how to prepare a homemade hardener enamel, which works, with which you will see results in the first week, and it is straightforward to do.

Tips That Women With Tiny Eyelashes Will Appreciate

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and the eyelashes the frame. Sometimes getting them to look spectacular seems impossible. To some the raffle of the genetics favored them, and they do not have to worry about that they look spectacular, not with all it was so benevolent, the reason for which we must make use of all the tricks that we have at hand.

Do Not Forget The Cleaning

Even if you get super tired from the party or your daily routine it is necessary to clean your eyelashes correctly; the make-up remover will be your best alternative to keep them healthy and prevent them from falling. It uses a biphasic one because being a combination of water and oil it will be lighter and will not leave a greasy sensation.

It Uses Natural Oils

Whether it’s coconut, almond or olive, using a mask with one of these oils will help your eyelashes to strengthen. The grease texture will help you to eliminate the residues of mascara, eyeliner, and shadows. Also, they will nourish them with the characteristic properties of oils. Eye, with doing it once or twice a week is enough, remember that the eyelashes have ducts that can be affected by excess fat.

Do Not Mistreat Them

I’m sure you used the curler after applying the mascara, nothing worse could you do to your eyelashes. When you do it, you run the risk of breaking them, and nobody wants that, someone who has already been through that situation tells you.

Invest In A Good Mask

I know, sometimes it seems that beauty products do miracles because the costs are considerable. Although in the market there are financial products with incredible results, the ideal is that you buy a quality product, according to your needs. Some masks give you volume; others help to make them look longer. Do not skimp, in the end; it’s something for you and you.

The Best Personal Care Tips For Women

Every woman likes to take special care of her body. Your whole body is exclusive and should be treated uniquely. Caring for your skin is the most important thing you should do to give yourself a break from your hectic schedule and schedule.